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Hello! I’m Boyko Manev. Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT), Hospitality Professional, Author, Greenroof Specialist. A multifaceted developed professional with over 16 years of experience in USA, Europe and Asia.


2014 - up to present

General Manager

Thundra Trade

Actively involved in the establishment of the company. Established in 2014 in Czech Republic with focus on environmental sustainability. Managing a team of up to 20 members in Prague, Czech Republic. The business scope is production and B2B sales to suppliers of Thundra Mats (vegetation mats). The main market is Central Europe, Benelux countries, Germany and EMEA countries.

2014 - up to present

Financial Advisor


Financial and Organizational advisor of Greentop bvba. Management of a limited budget, order and demand management. Conducting in-depth reviews of the company financial circumstances, current provision and future aims. Analysing information and preparing business plan that best suited the company needs. Completing risk analyses and designing financial strategies

2014 - up to present



Boyman is a company with main focus on trainings and executive search / recruitment for the hotel and hospitality industry. From rank-and-file employees to top management postions. Our clients are in Buglaria, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Czech Republic.

2013 - 2014

Corporate Director of Human Resources and Training Manager

Festa Hotels

Bulgarian hotel chain with 6 Hotels in Bulgaria - Sofia / Borovets / Nessebar / Sunny Beach / Pomorie.

2013 - 2013

Director of Sales and Marketing

Design Hotels AG (Sense Hotel Sofia)

6 Months Appointment. Opening / Structuring of the Department / Setting Targets per Segment / STR Reports implementation / Action Plan.

2012 - 2013

Cluster Director of Rooms

Group Company "Princess"

Cluster Director of Rooms for Sofia Princess Hotel, Sofia Bulgaria and Trimontium Princess, Plovdiv Bulgaria.


"If I can DO it, YOU can DO it TOO" by BOYKO MANEV

Published by CIELA NORMA AD ( on September 17, 2015


The book “If I can do it, you can do it too” is addressed towards everyone, who have acknowledged how important it is to be POSITVE and have the proper SELF-ESTEEM and those who understand how valuable it is to EXPERIMENT. The main goal of the author helping those who want to follow him in achieving their aim – financial freedom.

He shares examples, gives advice, and provides guidelines which are based on his personal experience. He is doing that by evaluating his wrong steps/mistakes. In this book young people might find a lot of similarities with their own life, and at the same time differences and many hints which could help them to be successful in the areas they are developing themselves in. Everybody needs to have confidence which should help them in their lives. Everybody is aiming to discover „perfection” and the “hidden secret”, which they carry within themselves, but not everyone is able to find the way to reach them…

The author of the book “If I can do it, you can do it too” is saying that those who read it should open their eyes and be able to find their own way, which will take them to success. Their own success will be based on what they can achieve and it should not be compared to other people’s achievements. „ We can’t have everything. We must make our own judgment if what we have is what we want and if this is making us those who we really want to be. Everything starts and finishes with us. Be yourself and no one else! “

The book concludes on important aspects of the career of people - positive thinking, attitude to work, communication with different entities; how to be profitable at the end of the month (as a company and as individuals), how to spend their finances wisely so that they can afford and get what they want. The conclusion is clear: EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON YOU, AND ON YOU ONLY!

Download and read a preview of the book:    If I can DO it, YOU can DO it TOO


  • The book is undoubtedly positive and life-asserting. The author seeks to stimulate the reader to always have a positive attitude and be ready to experiment. I recommend young and enterprising people in Bulgaria to read this book and get inspired. Each of us can find ourselves in some of the episodes.

    Nikolay Vassilev Managing Partner at Expat Capital, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria (2001-2005), Minister of Economy; Minister of State Administration and Administrative Reform (2001-2009)
  • The book is a rich and interesting experience of a successful young man from the generation that I call "children of democracy." This generation has experienced tremors changes in Bulgarian society after the fall of communism 25 years ago. And, as Boyko says - if he can - you can! Just believe in yourself and be open to new things.

    Dr. Mohammed Khalaf Journalist & Political Analyst
  • I have always believed in positive thinking. I know from experience as an immigrant, champion, actor and fighter, the only way to overcome obstacles is to believe in yourself! In this aspect, the book from Boyko Manev "If I can DO it, YOU can DO it TOO" Is a unique tool for anyone who wants to achieve his/her goals in life.

    Anton Kasabov Three-time World Champion in Martial Arts, Actor in Hollywood
  • "The Book for Boyko Manev "If I can DO it, YOU can DO it TOO" is dedicated to the consequences of a paradoxical, but scientifically established fact: about 60% of our destiny depends on factors outside us - genes, place, weather, tectonic or space influences, random events, etc., while about 40% of our destiny depends on our will, actions and efforts. These 40%, however, in many cases are sufficient to reverse the course of our destiny for 180 degrees.

    Dr. Solomon Passy President of the Atlantic Club, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2001-2005)
  • A book with authentic stories that had to be experience with thoughts that ought to be acknowledged and lessons that had to be made. To make sense of everything that has been achieved.

    Julieta Serafimova Director General at Grand Hotel Sofia Hotel Suites and Hotel Central Park
  • Boyko Manev painted as if by magic, the fate of each of us, giving examples from his own. These words will find themselves, but more importantly, you will find the power that small part of you that you need to make the right decision! Required reading for every manager, startup enthusiast or just someone in need right direction.

    Boyan Pavlov Finalist "MasterChef Bulgaria"
  • True Guide to Success, which everyone secretly dreams. Why not turn your dreams into reality?

    Svetoslav Ivanov Journalist & Host of "120 Minutes" on Btv
  • Accessible and so pleasant to read, it naturally leads the reader through experiences and professional development of a young person, making us aware of the difficulties and excitement, joy and satisfaction. This is a great book that tells us: Believe in yourself and your talent.

    Vesselka Shivarova Operations Manager at Hotel Balkan, Sofia


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